Peel & Stick Instructions



Proper surface preparation is essential for a quality installation. Follow these instructions for installing the Stick-R product wallcovering on the surfaces as described. For other potential applications you may want to test a small sample on the intended surface before applying the entire mural to ensure a successful installation.

Water-based adhesives tend to be very active and attach themselves to the first surface with which they come in contact, so it is essential that the product be applied only to a clean, dry, and dust-free surface. If in doubt, a light wipe-down with a damp, warm microfiber sponge or towel should be enough to remove any existing surface dirt, dust, or film. If the process detects additional surface contamination, the addition of some mild and biodegradable soap solution, like the all-purpose surface cleanerfromMethodBrands (seephoto onreverseside),should help to resolve the issue.


If installing over existing paint or primer, make sure that the paint or primer has good adhesion to the drywall surface. If freshly painted, make sure to allow at least 30 days for the paint to cure completely to the wall. While any high-quality primer will provide a good hanging surface, we recommend two products from experience: Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Latex Primer and Sherwin-Williams Multi-Purpose Latex Primer.

Any mold or mildew on a wall may be an indication of a moisture problem. The mold itself must be removed from the wall and any sources of moisture accumulation must be corrected before proceeding with the installation.

Any wall irregularities should be corrected with either spackling or drywall compound then primed and sealed before application of wallcovering.

Wall stains and marks such as ballpoint ink, grease, lipstick, crayon, marking pens, or inks must be removed from the wall.


Pressure-sensitive adhesives tend to vary in tack level according to the energy of the surface to which they are applied. On high energy surfaces, like glass or stainless steel, there is an immediate and instant attraction that allows for installation via a brush or felt lined squeegee with minimal pressure.

To install over low energy surfaces like painted drywall or concrete, once the product has been positioned correctly, we recommend the use of a paint sponge roller J-Roller or Straight 3 Section Roller to help apply adequate pressure to the top third of the panel drop as well as all seams. The use of the roller will ensure that sufficient energy is applied to activate the adhesive and secure the fabric to the wall.  

The sheets are printed so that there is a quarter inch overlap on each side seam.


To remove this product from the wall, pull one of the top corners from the wall and draw the material down against itself on a 180° angle with at a slow and consistent speed until the panel is completely removed. Proper prior surface preparation should ensure complete removability without any damage to the wall surface.