Why Wallpaper is Better than Paint

When decorating a new space, or remodeling an old, there comes a time in the design process when you have to choose to use wallpaper or paint. We may be biased, but we want to help you make that decision. Read below for reasons you should choose wallpaper over paint.


It’s Easier to Clean

Different from paint, wallpaper is a durable material.  If you have kids, animals, or just a hectic house in general, don’t stress! Wallpaper allows you to live your hectic life with no worry about scratching, chipping, or denting.  When something does happen to your wallpaper, cleaning it is an easy process. All you’ll need is a sponge, some water and soap and it will be good as new.

Variety of Designs and Textures

Other than wallpaper being easy to manage, it adds a lot to the space as well. Paint, depending on the color, can add some depth, but nothing in comparison to wallpaper. Whether you choose to just do an accent wall or to wallpaper the entire room, the addition of wallpaper will really elevate your space. Wallpaper comes in so many patterns, colors and textures, that there is something perfect out there for everyone and every space. 

Visually Exciting

Visually, wallpaper adds art to your space. Paint can be flat and not add much dimension to the room, but with wallpaper it is like you are putting one big art piece on the wall. After deciding the impact you want the wallpaper to make in your space, then you can decide whether you want to do the whole space, or just a wall.